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NHS in crisis

THOUSANDS are now dying needlessly because the NHS is broken beyond repair.

The Sun hugely admires our health workers — but this socialist system from 1948 can no longer cope.

Which taxes will rise for our publicly funded NHS to endlessly expand?


Which taxes will rise for our publicly funded NHS to endlessly expand?Credit: PA

Its problems are too numerous to list here.

But it was already perpetually on the edge of meltdown, thanks to a population which has rapidly increased and is both older and fatter than ever.

Then Covid engulfed it, triggering its nightmarish collapse now.

Its failure, though, is the culmination of years of denial by MPs and even, sadly, the public.

For too long Britain has pretended the NHS only ever needs more money.

But our health budget has soared nearly 40 per cent in ten years — and look at it.

Those who want billions more heaved into its bottomless pit must spell out precisely where to find them.

Which taxes will rise for our publicly funded NHS to endlessly expand?

Which other departments shall we cut or eliminate?



The arts?

Many MPs know the truth: That we need to look to the superior systems abroad, which mix public and private funding — providing a free safety net for the poorest, with insurance for the rest.

But the Tories cannot upend the national religion.

That guarantees election defeat.

Nor can Labour, for the same ­reason and because it means admitting this jewel of socialism has failed.

Don’t kid yourself a Labour Government will fix this.

Only one Labour MP is challenging the self-destructive consensus.

His colleagues aren’t listening.

Years ago The Sun called for a cross-party commission to design a new system.

No one listened then, either.

How many more stroke patients must die waiting for emergency care before they do?

There is one sliver of good news.

Thanks to our appeal, 20million Brits have now had flu jabs.

That’s a result.

Beyond that, well, we wish we could sugar-coat it.

But unless MPs grasp the NHS nettle what hope does it have?

Woke joke

WE did warn them.

We told the Brit Awards that gender-neutral categories would make it harder for female artists.

They’ve backfired already.

Every Artist of the Year contender in 2023 is male.

What a triumph for equality this unthinking virtue-signal has proved.

Go woke, reward blokes.

Flawed law

RISHI Sunak must scupper the SNP’s potentially dangerous transgender law.

Experts say it would mean any male of 16-plus in Scotland can self-identify as a woman and be legally considered as such right across the UK.

The SNP and ­Labour may value trans rights over women’s — but that is not our Government’s policy, nor most voters’ wish.

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The PM can block it under the Scotland Act.

And he should.

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