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Bunnings has been praised for “understanding the assignment” after a woman’s cup holder hack sparked a mad rush among shoppers.

The “genius” trick was revealed by Maddy Ryan on TikTok in late December after she discovered her 1-litre Frank Green canister — a popular brand of reusable water bottles — didn’t fit in her car’s drink holder.

The Bunnings display reading 'cup holders' and the pipe being used to hold the drink bottle.

Bunnings has been praised for its ‘funny’ new display in one store after a cup holder hack went viral. Source: TikTok

The clip, which has been viewed 3.4 million times, shows the Victoria woman place an $11 piece of tapered PVC piping from Bunnings into the pre-existing space, making it wider so her pink bottle can fit perfectly.

It appears the hardware chain has now caught on to the hype over the 100 x 65mm PVC DWV Taper Level Inverts, with new TikTok footage showing a box of them labelled as “cup holders” at one particular store.

The video — captioned “Bunnings playing the game” — was posted on Thursday, with many viewers joking that the display was probably the result of staff being fed up with customers asking “which ones fit the Frank Green bottles”.

Bunnings branding is seen at a store on the Gold Coast. Source: AAP

It appears the hardware chain has now caught on to the hype over the 100 x 65mm PVC DWV Taper Level Inverts. Source: AAP

“Well played Bunnings,” one person said, while another added that they “know what’s up”. “LMAO they know!” someone else said. “That’s so funny,” a fourth added. Others laughed about the “poor plumbers” who are going to “be pissed when there’s a shortage”.

“I may have literally just bought one because my cup holders are too shallow and any drink in them falls out at every turn,” one viewer admitted.

Bunnings shopper praised as a ‘hero’

Ms Ryan was praised as a “hero” and “innovative queen” when her video, which she captioned “work harder not smarter”, initially went viral. In numerous responses to comments she encouraged others to do the same to make solve their cup holder struggles.

“Thanks so much for doing this. I’m going to Bunnings to get this for my #frankgreen,” a woman said. “I literally just ran to Bunnings for this,” another wrote. “This is the best TikTok hack I have ever come across. Mine [is] usually just rolling around in my passenger seat,” a third chimed in.

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