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AS the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is considered one of the most reliable places for shoppers to get their essentials.

However, Walmart fans should know the massive corporation keeps a tight grip on its belongings with several security secrets.

Walmart keeps a tight grip on its belongings by using several security secrets, according to claims from employees


Walmart keeps a tight grip on its belongings by using several security secrets, according to claims from employeesCredit: Getty
People who claim to be former workers said there are undercover security guards and hidden supervision at self-checkout


People who claim to be former workers said there are undercover security guards and hidden supervision at self-checkoutCredit: AFP

With the “retail apocalypse” plaguing store leaders, officials are really cracking down on theft.

Luckily, folks who claim to be former Walmart employees have shared some alleged strategies the retail giant uses to keep track of shoppers, including undercover security guards and hidden supervision at self-checkout.


One former employee claimed the retailer’s cameras are so high-tech they can zoom in to read text messages on someone’s phone.

“When I got my job at Walmart and we were doing the walkthrough…they brought us to the security room where loss prevention is,” TikToker Athenia Camacho claimed.

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She shared a photo of what the loss prevention room looks like.

“It’s a bunch of computers and it shows you every aisle,” she said.

“And they have pinch-in zoom cameras that are 360, meaning that they can literally turn anywhere in the store.”

Athenia explains that the cameras can zoom in extremely far.

“They can literally read your text messages if they really wanted to,” she added.

She went on to give an example of when she was training for her job, explaining that one of the loss prevention officers zoomed in so far “that you could literally read the date on the newspaper.”

“They were trying to show us, and get the point across that, if you get caught stealing from Walmart they will see you.”


In another video, Athenia said: “We have this thing called asset protection loss prevention.

“At my store, we had two people…they would walk around the store from morning until night time when we closed.

“They looked like normal shoppers, they would be wearing gym shorts, they would be wearing regular clothes.”

Camacho said “they intervene in a lot of situations,” but they primarily exist to look “or customers that are stealing, or putting things in their pockets, or putting things in their purses.”

She went on to explain that if the accused wants to walk away before the police get there, they are welcome to do so.

“They will stop you,” she said. “But from what I know, they cannot detain you,”


Athenia went on to claim that Walmart has a secret “pause” feature employees can use to catch people suspected of stealing.

By using a gadget called a TC (touch computer) device, Walmart workers are “able to see everything you’re purchasing, how much your total purchase is and how much each item costs,” the TikToker said.

The gadget can also allow an employee to pause a self-checkout kiosk at any point if a shopper is suspected of stealing.

Athenia said: “We pretend like there’s something wrong with the machine if we suspect that you are stealing.

“So at any point on this device, if we click the number it will show us the entire order and everything that you’ve so far scanned in.

“If we suspect that you’re stealing, there’s an option down at the bottom that says pause transaction.”

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The former employee said the self-checkout screen will either display an error message or become completely frozen, prohibiting the shopper from scanning any more items.

To combat potential shoplifters, employees then offer to take them to a manned checkout and apologize for the “malfunctioning” machine.

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