Kari Lake Says If She’s Not Made Arizona Governor, America Will ‘Turn Into A Venezuela’ #Kari #Lake #Shes #Arizona #Governor #America #Turn #Venezuela #englishheadline


Failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake insisted in an interview Friday that if she is not made governor of Arizona, the U.S. will turn into Venezuela.

The Donald Trump-backed Republican raised the specter of a Venezuelan America in an interview with far-right student agitator Charlie Kirk.

Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in November, the election has been certified and Hobbs has taken office. Lake also lost a court case last month challenging the election result and has since appealed.

“There’s a boatload of evidence in our favor,” Lake baselessly claimed in the interview. “We just need a judge to wake up and realize what’s on the line here, and if we do not restore honest elections right now, our country will turn into a Venezuela. We have Venezuelan-style elections, and this is how you destroy a country.”

Ironically, the ascension to power by someone who isn’t chosen in a free election is typical of authoritarian leadership in Venezuela, not in an American democracy.

Check out Lake’s warning here:


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