‘He doesn’t get a leave pass’: Perrottet believed to have ‘lied’ over Nazi costume matter #doesnt #leave #pass #Perrottet #believed #lied #Nazi #costume #matter #englishheadline


NSW Shooters Party leader Robert Borsak says he’s calling for NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet to be investigated over the Nazi costume matter for failing to declare it in his candidate selection process.

Liberal candidates are required to sign a nomination form before every election confirming no matters about the candidate of any nature are likely to cause embarrassment to the party.

“Reality is, he doesn’t get a leave pass because he’s the Premier of New South Wales, and he’s signing false statutory declarations – he should be answering to somebody about it,” Mr Borsak told Englishheadline Australia.

“What he said and what he did at his 21st birthday party are not the relevant issue – as you know, you always get done over for not the actual act itself, you get done over for the coverup and the lies.

“The lie is that he didn’t declare it in his candidate selection process, and I believe he didn’t do it on three separate occasions.”

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