I’m a truck-loving country girl – everyone wants me but I only date men with a very specific hairstyle #truckloving #country #girl #date #men #specific #hairstyle #englishheadline


A COUNTRY girl has a preference for men with a specific hairstyle and men who want her are disappointed.

The content creator, who goes simply by “Miss Country Girl,” shared the hairstyle on men that drives her crazy in a video with over 20,000 TikTok followers.

A country girl has men lining up for her but she has a preference for a specific hairstyle


A country girl has men lining up for her but she has a preference for a specific hairstyleCredit: TikTok

She express her disappointment when she attended a party and didn’t see anyone there that sparked her interest.

“When there’s not a single tall tattooed mullet country boy to the party,” she said.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna leave,” she said, singing along to a country song.

Besides her preference for men, she also shared another one of her loves.

I'm a country girl - I look my best in on the farm but I always off a dress
I’m a ‘country material girl’ - I’ll be dressed like Elle Woods to go fishing

She panned her camera over a large red truck, all geared and ready for a ride.

“Ready to go pulling and beat the boys #girlsdrivetrucksbetter,” she said.

People lined up to shoot their shot with her in the comments.

Few, however, met her requirements.

“I got a mullet but no tattoos lol,” said one commenter.

“Guess it’s time for you to get some!” she replied.

‘I got a mullet but I’m not tall,” said another.

“I don’t have any tattoos yet.”

“Well the tattoo part is easy to fix but I don’t think we can stretch you out lol,” she said honestly.

She rejected men who didn't fulfill her requirements


She rejected men who didn’t fulfill her requirementsCredit: TikTok

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