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Indigenous Affairs minister Linda Burney is either “deluded” or ignoring history and the reality of life in remote communities, Steve Price has argued.

The Australian media personality and guest host of Englishheadline Australia’s Inside the News made the comments in response to Minister Burney’s claim that the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament will improve the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Speaking to Englishheadline Australia’s Andrew Clennell, Minister Burney said that the proposed Voice to Parliament “will improve the lives of First Nations people in terms of those outcomes in health, education, housing and so forth.”

Emphasizing that the Minister said the Voice “will improve” Indigenous people’s lives, not merely that it might, Mr Price said this showed the minister had lost touch with reality.

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“She is either deluded or so invested in getting this Voice idea up that she both ignores history and the reality of life in those communities today,” he said.

“So layering another level of bureaucracy is going to fix the problems in remote communities that billions of dollars and dozens of Ministers and Governments of all political persuasions haven’t been able to fix in my lifetime.” 

“Fix, according to the minister’s argument today, by listening.”

Noting that the minister had listed a series of eight things the Voice and will not do in an opinion piece in The Australian, Mr Price said this was all “motherhood stuff that we have all heard before.”

“Her arguments are simply designed to convince unengaged Australians that there is really nothing to see here,” he said.

“Just vote yes and the lives of indigenous Australians will suddenly improve overnight. I mean, it’s a falsehood, as we all know. It’s About as effective as Kevin Rudd’s apology, nice words little outcome.”

Mr Price acknowledged Minister Burney was genuine in her desire to make a difference, but that she isn’t concentrating on the real problems indigenous Australians face.

“Linda Burney has been the Minister responsible for improving indigenous lives for seven months, and the best she can do is sell a referendum that’s unlikely to succeed

“And in the meantime, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and life expectancy of aboriginal Australians stays the way it always been.”

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