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A BODY positive advocate has taken a unique spin on a social media trend that has people watering at the mouth.

She showed viewers how she went from a five to a ten in a bikini that left people in awe.

TikTok creator Hannah Domke has people 'salivating' at her bikini reveal


TikTok creator Hannah Domke has people ‘salivating’ at her bikini revealCredit: TikTok/handomke

Self-love advocate Hannah Domke is big on showcasing health and wellness in a positive light.

She hopped on a popular social media trend where people go from a “5 to a 10” simply by changing into an article of clothing.

In a video, the plus-size woman shared an interesting take on the trend, where she changed into a stylish bikini.

It had a humourous intent, but Domke still made people fans of her look.

I go from a 5 to a 10 in a swimsuit, the unique way I wear it makes it a squeeze
I weigh 250lbs and still wear bikinis - I know I look amazing

The video began with the content creator facing the camera in what appeared to be her bedroom.

She wore an oversized yellow T-shirt and gray sweatpants as she mouthed along to the video’s audio.

The subtitle over the visual read: “I’m told I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini.”

In the final seconds of the video, a fashionable string bikini covered her curvy body.

Viewers were definitely expecting to see Domke in a bikini, but they were not expecting to see the bikini worn over her T-shirt and sweatpants.

Even though she tackled the trend in a unique way, people still enjoyed what they saw in the video.

“That’s not a 10 that’s a 100,” one viewer commented.

“I am salivating,” another added.

People were 'salivating' at Domke's bikini reveal


People were ‘salivating’ at Domke’s bikini revealCredit: TikTok/handomke

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