Trolls tell me not to wear bikinis because I’m plus-size – I wear them anyway and laugh off the haters #Trolls #wear #bikinis #plussize #wear #laugh #haters #englishheadline


TROLLS have tried to tear down this body-positive influencer but she responded perfectly to the hate.

With a smile and some dancing, she totally dismissed the critic and reminded her followers to do the same.

Influencer Kari Kemp received a hateful comment when she wore a bikini on TikTok


Influencer Kari Kemp received a hateful comment when she wore a bikini on TikTokCredit: TikTok / thekarikemp1
The body-positive content creator responded with an empowering message


The body-positive content creator responded with an empowering messageCredit: TikTok / thekarikemp1

Kari Kemp has over 620k followers on TikTok, where her product reviews and fashion advice inspire followers of every size.

In one clip, Kemp modeled a new swimsuit, dancing to Meghan Trainor’s body positivity anthem All About That Bass – but one viewer objected.

“Don’t, it’s awful,” the troll wrote. Even though the comments filled up with people coming to Kemp’s defense, she took the time to film her own response.

Wearing a different bikini, Kemp lip-synched to a different verse in the song, proudly shaking her butt and her stomach along with the music.

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And she made sure to look directly into the camera on the final line of the verse, singing along to the words “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

In the comments section on this new video, Kemp’s followers thanked her for setting a positive precedent with her response.

“My four-year-old daughter climbed up in my lap just as this popped up & she goes ‘mama, she is so pretty,'” one woman wrote.

Kemp was very happy to be a role model to the toddler. “Tell her I love her,” she wrote back to the mom.

Another viewer praised Kemp for lowering the waist of the bikini bottoms to fully show off her stomach.

“I didn’t expect you to pull the suit down, that was fantastic,” the fan wrote.

Kemp reacted with lots of laughing emojis and a goofy “Merry Christmas” response, a reference to the Christmas tree in the background of her video.

One woman shared that Kemp’s dancing gave her new, positive associations with the song, which had previously been used to bully her.

She said that her ex and his family would sing All About That Bass, along with Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, to mock her body.

“Those songs are about empowering curves,” Kemp responded. “He must be dumb!”

“That’s why he’s the EX,” another commenter chimed in.

A number of women thanked Kemp for standing up for herself, and some even admitted to being moved to tears.

Another plus-sized woman asked if she could “borrow” some of Kemp’s confidence.

“Take all the confidence you need, babe,” Kemp wrote back.

And as for the troll on Kemp’s original post? Well, they certainly got the message, as viewers pointed out.

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“The hater deleted his/her comment!” one commenter wrote in celebration.

Other viewers rejoiced in response. “BYYEEE!” one wrote. “No one cares what haters say.”

Kemp wasn't afraid to show off her body as she danced in response to the hater


Kemp wasn’t afraid to show off her body as she danced in response to the haterCredit: TikTok / thekarikemp1

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