A ‘love’ and a ‘loyalty’ to both my clogs and my R.M. Williams: Andrew Bolt #love #loyalty #clogs #R.M #Williams #Andrew #Bolt #englishheadline


The government’s primary job must be to “promote a love or a loyalty” to Australia, says Englishheadline host Andrew Bolt regarding the Australia Day celebration debate.

“As the son of Dutch migrants, I understand that for the rest of your life, you do have these torn allegiances,” he said.

“I know how important it is for the government to encourage not this tribalism thanks to multiculturalism, emphasising what divides us but what its job is, its primary job must be to promote a love or a loyalty to Australia.”

“So that I don’t just have my clogs, I have my R.M. Williams boots as well.”

English Headline

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