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A HOOTERS worker has a little trick up her sleeve to ensure her tees fit her exceptionally well.

When it comes to the restaurant’s football game days, Jody Tavares makes sure she follows the theme by grabbing T-shirts in the kid’s section.

A Hooters girl has shared that she has to buy her T-shirts in the kids' section


A Hooters girl has shared that she has to buy her T-shirts in the kids’ sectionCredit: Instagram/@jodylynntavares
They surprisingly fit well


They surprisingly fit wellCredit: Instagram/@jodylynntavares

“When you work at Hooters and have to shop in the kid’s section for Cowboy shirts,” Tavares (@jodylynntavares) wrote in her social media video.

She picked up a grey Dallas Cowboys shirt, along with a navy blue one.

In one clip, she showed herself wearing the grey shirt which featured a blue star in the middle with the words “Dallas Cowboys” repeating in the background.

She paired the form-fitting top with some black short shorts.

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Some people felt that the tiny T-shirt looked fantastic on her.

“That’s actually really cute,” one person wrote.

“Ahh yessss you look so good,” a second added.

Other people had some humorous things to say.

“I would get stuck and cry trying to get it off,” one person wrote.

“Very cute but my big self would end up looking like a toddler that has outgrown their shirts,” a second joked.

“All the moms are gonna have to buy stuff online now.”

“I do this without working at Hooters.”

“Thank you for your service,” a final person said.


Credit: Instagram/@jodylynntavares

Tavares paired the form-fitting top with some black short shorts

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