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CUSTOMERS with a sweet tooth might want to head over to Costco’s bakery section, as a new product has launched.

The discovery comes from Instagram super fan account costcobuys, which has 667,000 followers.

Fans have come across a new discovery in the wholesaler's bakery section


Fans have come across a new discovery in the wholesaler’s bakery section

Specifically, the item is called Cherry & Cheese Pastries.

They were described in a video as having “flaky croissant layers” with apricot glaze, a cherry filling and Greek yogurt cream cheese.

While prices can vary by location, a pack of six sells for $9.99 at Costco, according to a video revealed by costcobuys.

In comparison to a similar item at Walmart, a 4-pack of danishes sells for $5.24.

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But they are only rated 2.6 stars out of five by customers.

It’s unclear if the new pastries at Costco are available in any other flavor varieties aside from cherry.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Costco to confirm if the pastries were available nationwide.


That said, a few fans have already tried them and spoke highly of the taste qualify of the items.

One fan said in the comments on the video: “Do yourself a favor and buy these, they are AMAZING!!! 

Another said she air-fried them for five minutes at 325 degrees.

“Amazing! The cheese is on one side and the cherry on the other, like a black and white cookie. Definitely recommend,” The user said. 

And someone else said: “They are really good and even better warmed up with vanilla ice cream.” 

Meanwhile, other users were wishing it was available in more flavors including blueberry.

As always, make sure you take a look at the list of ingredients and make sure you’re aware of what you’re consuming.


Aside from a new item coming to its bakery section, make sure you keep some other changes that affect the wholesaler this year.

For example, The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of 10 items at Costco that might be discontinued this year.  

This includes a Hershey’s syrup, a Kellogg’s cereal, a protein bar brand and a Margarita mix.

But on a positive note, Costco is counting its plan to open 24 new stores in 2023.

For the U.S., the wholesaler is slated to open at least a few more locations in the US in 2023 – one in Kyle, Texas in March, followed by two more in Longmont, Colorado and North Tulsa Oklahoma in May.

Also, a Costco in Queen Creek, Arizona opened in January.

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