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AN earthquake has hit parts of New York this morning, reports say.

Shockwaves from the tremor have reportedly been felt in Buffalo, causing homes to shake.

An earthquake has been felt in Buffalo, New York


An earthquake has been felt in Buffalo, New YorkCredit: USGS

Seismologists at the US Geological Survey said the 3.8 magnitude quake struck the Empire State just after 6am local time on Monday.

Its epicenter was around 2km from the town of West Seneca, New York.

It’s thought to be the largest earthquake the state has seen in more than a decade.

In 2003, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake was reported 17km from St Regis Falls.

Shockwaves have been felt in Lackawanna, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Tonawanda.

GMA meteorologist Sam Champion asked his Twitter fans: “Did you feel an earthquake near Buffalo?”

One New Yorker has claimed they heard a “large boom” and said their entire home “shook.”

Responding to Champion, a second said: “Felt it here in East Aurora – just south of Buffalo. Our dog freaked out too.”

Residents took to social media to document their experiences.

WBKW reporter Michael Schwartz said: “Felt like my dog shifted my bed with his 2 front legs waking me right up.”

One local said: “Waking up to the whole house shaking and cups rattling. That’s different.”

Another posted: “We definitely felt and heard that earthquake! [The] Entire house shook.

“My first thought was that something had exploded nearby. Even made our cat jolt.”

The extent of the damage caused by the quake remains unknown.

It comes just weeks after a 4.2 magnitude quake rocked parts of California.

Seismologists said the epicenter was around 16km south of Malibu Beach and 45km from Los Angeles.

Residents took to social media to say they felt tremors across Santa Monica, Camarillo, and Anaheim.

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