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A FASHION guru has reviewed the new Skims Valentine’s collection and shown how the items fit larger breasts.

YouTuber Emily McKnight, who is a 34D, was obsessed with all of Kim K’s new products, but one item stood out more than the rest.

A YouTuber has shared her review of Skims' Valentine's collection


A YouTuber has shared her review of Skims’ Valentine’s collectionCredit: YouTube / McKnight Twins
Emily shared her love for the new products in a recent video


Emily shared her love for the new products in a recent videoCredit: YouTube / McKnight Twins
She loved one product in particular even more than the others


She loved one product in particular even more than the othersCredit: YouTube / McKnight Twins

The lifestyle influencer got a large selection of the products and said she was treating herself this Valentine’s Day.

She waited to open them for a full-on fashion haul but started the video wearing a pink Skims tank top.

“I am just so in love with it you guys,” the YouTuber said.

Emily commented on how beautiful the shade Petal was and proclaimed that “Kim really slayed.”

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The first item that she unboxed was a pink lace camisole that she immediately loved.

“It’s not super stretchy which is good because it’s going to hold its shape,” she said.

The fashionista was able to try on this top and show how great it looked on her bustier frame but said that other items were too revealing to show on camera.

She loved the design of the lacy tank so much that she also got one in black which she loved just as much.

“You do have to be careful with how you treat your SKIMS,” the experienced shopper said.

“You really have to wash them on delicate, hang dry them – treat them very delicately or they will not last very long.”

Next, she reviewed one item that wasn’t in the special collection but knew she would adore it.

Her twin sister Abby, who appears on the channel alongside Emily, already got her one of the raglan cropped t-shirts, but she needed it in another color.

“Very simple but super cute,” she said.

After showing off the top, she moved on to her first piece of underwear.

While she got the tops in the size small, Emily decided to get a bra in a medium so it wouldn’t be tight on her ribcage.

Much like the first two pink products, she was also enraptured by the color of the bra which was more of a magenta.

“I am just obsessed with these colors you guys,” she said.

Emily also got the matching string bikini underwear bottoms and opted for a medium as well.

She said that thinner materials like the string can cut her off while thicker bands, like her next choice, will stretch more.

“I feel like if you have hip dips and love handles you know what I’m talking about,” the fashionista said after saying she got the dipped lace thong in small.

The YouTuber also purchased multiple colors for the underwear and was obsessed with black as well as pink tones.

Her last find was a lucky one, as she said it sold out just moments after she purchased it.

Emily said she was most excited for the ultra-fine mesh scoop bra and matching panties because the set was “hot.”

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“I love it. I am just so obsessed,” she said while holding up the set.

After looking at the expensive purchases, she said that she has “zero regrets” and looks forward to seeing what Skims releases next.

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