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A WOMAN had her nose ripped off by a pitbull cross after it dragged her around like it was playing “tug of war”.

Trinity Rowles, 20, described the vicious attack by her dad’s 100lb rescue dog as a “near-death experience”.

Trinity was attacked her her dad's rescue dog Irish


Trinity was attacked her her dad’s rescue dog IrishCredit: Caters
Her nose was ripped off as she was mauled


Her nose was ripped off as she was mauledCredit: Caters

The pitbull and bully cross, called Irish, sunk his teeth into her arms and pulled her around on the ground as she was leaving her dad’s home in Pennsylvania, US.

Trinity was left with life-changing injuries and has been forced to undergo four surgeries so far, with another six to go.

She said Irish was like a “great big teddy bear” and the attack was “out of character” for the dog her dad had homed for five years.

Trinity said: “Before I left my dad’s house on the day of the attack, we had been arguing and it was a heated environment.

“These kinds of breeds are very emotional, and putting them in high conflict and emotional situations isn’t the best for them.

“Irish attacked me as I walked away. I fell to the ground and that’s when I felt him starting to bite my nose. I was yelling that he was biting my nose.”

Trinity said her dad tried to protect her by putting her in the foetel position, but Irish continued to savage her.

She added: “He then latched on to my arm and began playing tug of war with it as if my arm was a toy, and dragged me across the yard.

During the attack, it was like I was in and out of reality.

“I knew I was getting attacked and being bitten, but only to a certain extent. I could feel the pain but I had no idea about the extent of the injuries.

“It felt like the longest time of my life even though it happened pretty quickly.

“Then suddenly, like the flick of a switch, Irish just walked away and sat at the porch stairs.”

Trinity was rushed to hospital while police shot Irish.

She was hospitalised for several days with severe injuries to her face where she lost her nose, and to her ears and arm.

Trinity has had a number of surgeries, including a skin graft from the top of her forehead and scalp.

It means that she has hair growing on the skin of her reconstructed nose.

She added: “Having near-death experience has changed my perspective on life, and I am really grateful to still be here as it could have been a lot worse.

“It’s also really affected my confidence. It has been very hard to deal with how my face has changed.

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“I know what dogs are capable of now. I never properly thought about it before or what damage dogs can do.”

Well-wishers have donated more than £5,000 to a GoFundMe page to help Trinity recover.

Trinity has described the attack as a 'near death experience'


Trinity has described the attack as a ‘near death experience’Credit: Caters
She has undergone several operations since the attack


She has undergone several operations since the attackCredit: Caters
Trinity has hair growing on her nose as doctors used skin grafts from her scalp to recontruct it


Trinity has hair growing on her nose as doctors used skin grafts from her scalp to recontruct itCredit: Caters

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