I found a $23 Amazon dupe for the $72 Skims bodysuit – it snatches you just like Kim Kardashian’s version #Amazon #dupe #Skims #bodysuit #snatches #Kim #Kardashians #version #englishheadline


A WOMAN who found a cheaper copycat version of a well-known shapewear brand has shared her discovery with her delighted followers.

She was thrilled to see the bargain carbon copy was almost as good as its more expensive contender.

TikToker Cam did a comparison between Skims and Amazon bodysuits


TikToker Cam did a comparison between Skims and Amazon bodysuitsCredit: TikTok/caamilaxm
She gave a high rating to the cheaper version


She gave a high rating to the cheaper versionCredit: TikTok/caamilaxm

There has been a lot of interest in Cam’s (@caamilaxm) post, with over 38,000 likes so far.

Her dupe bagged them a bargain ringing in at almost $50 dollars cheaper.

In her video, Cam introduced the items at either end of the price ticket spectrum: “Skims black bodysuit for $72,” she said, “and almost identical version from Amazon for $19.99.”

But first, she had to try them on and rate them according to fit.

I have a ‘short curvy body’ and did a Skims haul in large
I'm 5'6" & weigh 120lbs with a 23in waist, Skims aren't kidding with the micro set

Skims shapewear brand was co-founded Kim Kardashian and caters to all women of all shapes and sizes and has proved to be enormously popular.

Cam was the latest to try it out and she went for the Skims bodysuit first.

She appeared very happy with the whole look: “I personally love this bodysuit,” she revealed.

Then it was the go of an almost identical Amazon copy of the black bodysuit and Cam looked amazed when she saw her reflection.

“It literally snatches you like the Skims would,” she said with some disbelief, “and looks so much alike.”

Depending on how much you could spare, both were winners according to Cam: “If you don’t have $72 to drop, this is such a good dupe. Obsessed. Got get it.”

The San Diego native suggested sizing down if you were looking for an even more snatched look.

There were hundreds of comments to her post, many eager to grab themselves a bargain, and many more expressing their personal preference.

“Amazon snatches more babe,” was the view of this fan.

Gratitude from this follower: “Thank you for the dupe before I spend $72.”

But for some, the few extra bucks made all the difference: “Skims looks way better.”

Concluding her post, was another fighting from the famous shapewear brand’s corner: “You look more snatched in the Skims.”

Skims rated highly


Skims rated highlyCredit: TikTok/caamilaxm
But so did the Amazon copy


But so did the Amazon copyCredit: TikTok/caamilaxm

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