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Waste bin

Conwy became the first Welsh council to bring in four-weekly collections in 2018

Waste collections in Denbighshire could move to once every four weeks and recycling being collected every week under new plans.

The council is proposing bringing in the changes next year by moving to a method of sorting recycling into separate boxes for different materials.

Residents will get a larger capacity waste bin to help with the longer waiting time between collections.

A new nappy and incontinence pad trial collection is starting in September.

Denbighshire council said despite historically good recycling rates, more than 5,000 tonnes of recycling materials were still being thrown away at a cost of £500,000 which could otherwise be spent on council services.

Recycling boxes

Residents would have a number of separate boxes for sorting recycling

The new system would give residents plastic collection boxes for separate plastic, paper, cans and glass, and would be collected weekly, as would food waste

Current 140 litre refuse bins would be replaced by 240 litre ones and the old ones sold or recycled.

The changes would be implemented in March 2024. The council is asking residents to complete an online survey to help it understand current recycling patterns and prepare people for changes.

The council previously proposed moving to four-weekly collections in 2018 but did not implement the change.

Conwy became the first Welsh local authority to move to such a system that year, while Torfaen is also considering a monthly collection system.

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