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The importance of biodiversity as highlighted in Sir David Attenborough’s new TV series has been cited as a reason to reduce a council’s mowing.

The first episode of Wild Isles, broadcast on BBC One, spoke of the threat to nature through loss of habitat, including wildflower meadows.

Flintshire council heard reductions in cutting grass verges could boost insect and plant species’ numbers.

It backed changes to grass cutting and reductions in pesticide use.

Councillor Chris Bithell said a report which focused on reducing cuts to grasses and verges where safe to do so showed how damaging the loss of insects and plant species could be.

“As we all know there are cynics out there who will simply say this is a cost-cutting exercise, but there’s more to it than that,” he told a cabinet meeting.

“Obviously we are doing something very positive here to save wildflowers, to improve the diversity and there is a bigger picture here which has to get across and I hope we inform people that we are tied into the same programme that the Welsh government, David Attenborough and co are, in saving the planet.”

The changes will see reduced moving on all suitable verges, allowing grass and wildflowers to grow in certain areas and increasing the number of areas included in reduced mowing or wildflower management zones, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

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