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POSSESSION and use of cannabis is a controversial subject matter.

Laws on the drug vary between countries, with some allowing it for medical use. Here’s what the rules are in Greece.

Recreational cannabis use is illegal in Greece, but it can be used for medical purposes


Recreational cannabis use is illegal in Greece, but it can be used for medical purposes

Is weed legal in Greece?

Cannabis is illegal to use for recreational purposes in Greece.

The minimum prison sentence for possession of marijuana is five months.

Smoking the substance in a public place is prohibited by the Greek government.

For a first offence, a counselling programme can be a substitute for incarceration.

Further offences could lead to fines or imprisonment.

Recreational legalisation is not actively being debated in Greece, as of 2023.

Is weed legal to grow in Greece?

In 2018, Greece lifted the ban on growing cannabis.

This enables pharmaceutical companies to grow cannabis legally as well as industrial hemp suppliers.

It was also done in the hope of drawing foreign investment into the sector.

Cultivation was legal until 1936 before a decision by the government banned it.

The Greek government released rules on how farmers would have to grow the crops, to ensure no illegalities.

The land used must be surrounded by fencing and include all the necessary facilities so that the product does not have to be transported to another location for processing.

Government officials warned that such operations will be subject to frequent and strict inspections and growers will lose their special licence if they violate the rules, which will be outlined in a joint ministerial decision to be issued soon.

Is medicinal weed legal in Greece?

In 2017, the Greek government legalised the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

People from other countries are also able to use medical cannabis in Greece and are allowed to purchase it through pharmacies as long as they have a doctor’s prescription.

Cannabis is normally prescribed for conditions like muscle spasms, chronic pain, PTSD, epilepsy and cancer.

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In 2021, the Greek Government banned the import of medical cannabis products in their final state for consumption.

The plant was downgraded from a Class A to a Class B drug.

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