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AMANDA Knox left the internet divided when she responded to a New York University student in a study abroad joke about Italy.

Knox, who at one point was accused of the November 2007 murder of her study abroad roommate Meredith Kercher and spent four years in an Italian prison, has since been exonerated.

Amanda Knox made a joke about another student's study abroad experience


Amanda Knox made a joke about another student’s study abroad experienceCredit: Instagram / Amanda Knox
Knox had previously been accused of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher


Knox had previously been accused of the murder of British student Meredith KercherCredit: Reuters
Knox and her then-boyfriend were convicted of the murder


Knox and her then-boyfriend were convicted of the murderCredit: AP:Associated Press

Kercher, a British student also studying abroad in Italy, was found dead on November 2, 2007.

Knox, 35, and her then-boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito, were convicted of stabbing 21-year-old Kercher to death.

Both were found guilty of the murder in 2009 but freed on appeal two years later.

Their guilty verdict was reinstated in 2014 but later overturned by Italy’s top court in March 2015.

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Both were cleared of the crime in 2015.

Knox’s joke was in response to student Stacia Datskovska’s Insider essay in which she claimed to have “hated” her semester studying abroad in Italy.

Datskovska wrote that she “grew to despise the sights, hated the people, and couldn’t wait to get back home.”

“Girl, what are you talking about? Studying abroad is awesome!” Knox, 35, tweeted.

Twitter was divided on Knox’s joke, given the circumstances of her own study abroad experience.

“You have won the internet for the day, Amanda. You can rest easy,” one person tweeted.

“Seriously. This joke deserves an award,” another chimed in.

While some found Knox’s joke funny, others weren’t as kind.

“I’m sure the loved ones of the 21-year-old who was brutally murdered while studying abroad will find your joke hilarious,” one person tweeted.

“Not funny. Must be incredibly painful for Meredith’s family,” said another.

“One thing you’re guilty of is profiting shamelessly from the death of that poor girl,” someone else chimed in.

“RIP Meredith Kercher,” wrote another.

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