Kroger confirms essential has been discontinued and shoppers rage they’ll go elsewhere after it went ‘without warning’ #Kroger #confirms #essential #discontinued #shoppers #rage #theyll #warning #englishheadline


KROGER has confirmed that it has discontinued a popular bread product, leaving shoppers furious.

Customers have claimed that the item was removed from the shelves without warning and threatened to shop at rivals.

Kroger has left customers furious after discontinuing several products


Kroger has left customers furious after discontinuing several productsCredit: AP
A shopper complained that he couldn't pick up a popular brand of bread


A shopper complained that he couldn’t pick up a popular brand of breadCredit: Kroger

A shopper (@trailjunkie2) called out the major retailer after he was unable to buy Private Selection sugar-free whole wheat bread.

He raged that it was “very disappointing to see so many beloved items Kroger has decided to discontinue without any forewarning.”

The furious customer even threatened he would “shop elsewhere.”

Kroger said they were “sorry” the product had been discontinued and apologized for any “frustrations” that have been caused.

Kroger shopper insists they ‘need' popular snack store has discontinued
Kroger's frank admission days after discontinuing treat worries shoppers

Customers cannot buy Private Selection sugar-free wholewheat sliced wide pan bread as the item is listed as “unavailable” on the Kroger website.

And, shoppers are also unable to purchase a pack of eight extra-large Private Selection sugar-free wholewheat sandwich rolls.

Kroger has discontinued a raft of favorite products recently, ranging from fizzy drinks to chips.

Customers were outraged when Kroger decided to stop selling bags of Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat barbecue kettle chips.

The decision came to light when one shopper, known as Renee (@renee41961), said her family could not find the snack at a Kroger store in White House, Tennessee.

Renee claimed the chips were “the best” on the market.

And, the retailer has also discontinued its store-brand  Cuban-flavored kettle chips.

The supermarket giant has also axed its lactose-free chocolate milk and it has stopped selling a popular brand of ice cream.

Its own brand of soda The Fizzicist – which has been compared to Dr. Pepper – has also been discontinued.

Furious customers were so outraged by Kroger’s decision to discontinue its buffalo ranch popcorn that the retailer was urged to “think of the children.”

But, Kroger is not the only retailer that has discontinued grocery products.

The beloved discount chain Dollar Tree has confirmed that it has stopped selling eggs in its stores.

It comes as inflation and a global bird flu outbreak have sent egg prices rocketing.

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