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National’s Senator Matt Canavan has described the Sydney Morning Herald as a “bunch of cry babies” after the paper’s editor published a response to attacks from Paul Keating and ABC’s Media Watch.

SMH editor Bevan Shields used page two of Thursday’s paper to respond to “two unfair and uniformed attacked” on the paper’s Red Alert series and the journalists who wrote it.

Keating lambasted the Sydney paper and two of its journalists during his extraordinary National Press Club address on Wednesday. This followed last week’s edition of ABC’s Media Watch which was highly critical of the SMH’s Red Alert series.

In his response, Shields wrote that Keating’s “trademark barbs” were “not funny any more” before demanding an on-air apology from ABC for Media Watch’s “hypocrisy and poor standards.”

“Media Watch professes to be the arbiter of good and bad reporting, but Monday night’s episode failed to adhere to the most basic standards of journalism because the program did not bother to ask us for a right of reply before putting the segment to air,” Shields wrote.

“Media Watch also conveniently omitted that Keating had a long history of pro-China commentary. And while accusing us of warmongering, Media Watch failed to mention a two-part series published by the ABC in February by global affairs editor John Lyons titled ‘What war with China would look like for Australia’. Funny, that.”

But according to Senator Canavan the SMH “sounds a bit like a bunch of cry babies.”

Speaking to Sky news Australia’s Sharri Markson, Senator Canavan said the SMH had a whole masthead they could use to respond to Keating.

“I don’t know why they need an apology, just respond to him,” Senator Canavan said

“The criticism might be unfair…but just get on with it. Just respond to them. We don’t need to say sorry to each other all the time.”

Senator Canavan said Keating had every right to tell us what he thinks and his colourful language simply meant we were left with no confusion about his views.

“I have got no problem with Paul’s commentary. Sometimes it’s a bit robust but we’re Australia, we should be able to cop it.”

While making it clear that he disagreed with Keating’s views, the Nationals senator argued that the reason Australia is acquiring nuclear submarines and strengthening its alliances was to defend a free country.

“In a free country the test of freedom is being able to put up with, and welcome even, views that you may disagree with.”

When addressing the substance of the attacks, Senator Canavan said that Keating’s argument was based on a “flawed premise”.

“He seems to think the Chinese communist party leadership – today, not 30 years ago but today – is a benign and perhaps even a constructive force for the world,” the Senator said.

“I don’t know how anyone could come to that conclusion. I’ve got no problem with putting that view there, but I totally disagree with it.”

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