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A DARING animal lover has shared a glimpse into her life after adopting a pair of rodents as pets.

Sarah Thompson owns two prairie dogs, who she calls Pedro and Pablo.

Sarah Thompson owns two prairie dogs, Pedro and Pablo


Sarah Thompson owns two prairie dogs, Pedro and PabloCredit: pablo_pedro0/TikTok
In one of her recent clips, she explains what would happen if a person is bitten by one of the critters


In one of her recent clips, she explains what would happen if a person is bitten by one of the crittersCredit: pablo_pedro0/TikTok

She has shared many clips of her life with the critters on TikTok, including one where she discusses what would happen if they were to bite.

“Can they actually harm humans?” someone asked in the comment section of one clip.

“Put whatever you were doing aside, because your night is going to end up in the hospital,” Thompson said in a response video.

Then she lifted up one pet‘s lips, something Thompson said she can only do because he’s especially “docile,” to show off his chompers.

“Them dudes are huge,” Thompson said.

Behind the sizable buck teeth, she said there’s a row of small incisors which could do a lot of damage, as well.

“I’ve seen injuries that require reconstructive surgery!” one commenter said.

“I have a lovely scar on my hand from my prairie dog I had growing up,” said another.

A self-proclaimed zookeeper said they’ve seen prairie dogs bite through a leather glove and into a human hand.

“And they can carry plague,” the zoologist said. “I love these two though!”

None of this seemed to turn off many commenters.

“He’s a snuggle bug,” one said.

A fellow prairie dog owner said their pet used to squeak with joy when they came home. Another said she had one who loved to eat Cap’n Crunch.

“I know how much you and your son love them,” one commenter told Thompson. “The bond and trust you share is so deep.”

Prairie dogs may be less than two feet long on average, but that doesn’t keep them from zipping around their native grasslands across North America.

“They’re super, super fast,” Thompson said. “These can run up to 30 some miles per hour in the wild.”

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