I’m 62 – people say I should change my style ‘at my age’ but I’m a bit rebellious and people say I look beautiful #people #change #style #age #bit #rebellious #people #beautiful #englishheadline


A REBEL with a cause has decided to go against society’s conventions and keep her hair long, despite being 62 years old.

She thinks it is ridiculous that an older woman choosing to wear her hair long is subject to debate and sometimes ridicule.

TikToker Showing up at Sixty has long-hair and asked her followers their views on older women with long hair


TikToker Showing up at Sixty has long-hair and asked her followers their views on older women with long hairCredit: TikTok
Her followers loved her hair


Her followers loved her hairCredit: TikTok

It has long been supposed that long tresses are the exclusive domain of younger generations, while women past middle age are expected to have their hair shorn.

Think again said Canadian rebel and Vancouver resident, Showing up at Sixty (@showingupatsixty).

When actor Helen Mirren appeared recently wearing her silver hair long, she gained countless column inches as her new look was discussed.

This TikToker couldn’t give two hoots what anyone thinks: her hair is long and that’s how she’s going to wear it.

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“I’ve got long hair and I’m an older woman,” she said in a post to her platform.”

It was a comment made to her that led her to grow her hair long: “Someone told me years ago, that at ‘your age don’t you think you should have shorter hair?'”

She was not going to be told what to do: “Well I started growing. To heck with you. I’m a bit rebellious that way so I thought it’d be funny.”

Whose concern is it anyway, she asked: “I don’t have a thought one way or the other. I figure so long as it’s clean and I’m looking after it, who cares if I’m an old hag with long hair?”

“As you can tell, I don’t like it when people put limits on me,” she revealed.

“So I hope to God someone doesn’t say, ‘Well, you’re way too old to Climb Mount Everest, ’cause you know, I’m probably gonna save up for that anyway,” declared this feisty woman.

“Long hair, I don’t care if I have it or not. I just thought I’d be a little bit rebellious,” she concluded.

Comments to her post found her inspiring, with many older women still proudly sporting long hair, despite what conventions dictate.

“I think you should wear our hair however you want at any age,” opined one fan.

Another woman, several years older, had no intention of cutting hers: “Long hair here. Age 70. Long hair easier to keep in my opinion.”

Final wise comment from a hairstylist: “I think your hair is beautiful. I think whatever makes us happy is all that matters.”

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