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THIS bodybuilding champion is nearly unrecognizable after years of training, leading some to claim that their physique is reminiscent of a passenger plane.

The men’s fitness star took to social media recently to reveal the developments he’s made in one specific muscle group.

IFBB champion Blessing Awodibu took to Instagram to show fans the progress he has made on his physique


IFBB champion Blessing Awodibu took to Instagram to show fans the progress he has made on his physiqueCredit: Instagram/blessing_awodibu
Viewers were shocked by Awodibu's back muscles, and one fan compared him to an airplane


Viewers were shocked by Awodibu’s back muscles, and one fan compared him to an airplaneCredit: Instagram/blessing_awodibu

Two-time International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) league champion Blessing Awodibu (@blessing_awodibu) shocked fans when he showed progress on his back muscles in a recent post on Instagram.

“At my heaviest rn best off season yet,” Awodibu wrote in the caption.

“6 mo weeks then we start to [tighten] things up.”

He added: “Goal this prep is to maintain that fullness through the prep by not over dieting.”

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Awodibu also included an array of images where he can be seen posing with his back to the camera lens, showing viewers his wide and thick lat muscles.

The last image was a front-facing photo, where the bodybuilding champion flexed to show off more of his arm and leg size and definition.

Several people rushed to the comments to compliment the work that Awodibu had done to change his body composition.

“Unsure how they fit a Boeing 747 in a gym,” noted popular fitness influencer Zac Perna.

Perna was likely referencing the width of Awodibu’s back and how the T shape of his figure made it look as if he could take flight.

The bodybuilder joked back that he could fit due to a “huge doorway” in the gym.

More followed suit and praised Awodibu for his back progress and staying consistent in the off-season.

“Crazy back!” a user added.

“Big Boy,” another person said.

A third added: “Thats what I call an proper off season G.”

Awodibu also isn’t the only bodybuilding champion to shock fans with the transformations they’ve been able to make through calculated nutrition and workouts.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, one of the sport‘s legends, Rich Gaspari, often referred to as the “goliath,” explained that he used some risky techniques to get his ripped figure.

Rich was a three-time runner-up in the Mr Olympia competition and was praised for his “dry physique” method.

“Dry physique” is a term used to describe the massive muscles built without gaining fat.

To achieve this, Rich cut down his water intake – dehydrating himself to get ripped.

It’s unclear if Awodibu may have used a similar method, but either way, both competitors left audiences in awe of their figures.

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