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KROGER has insisted that it is listening to the growing number of shoppers who are furious over the discontinuation of a beloved drink.

The grocery chain confirmed in a tweet that the Fizzicist Real Sugar Soda is no longer sold.

Kroger has confirmed another discontinued item


Kroger has confirmed another discontinued itemCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The Fizzicist soda has been discontinued


The Fizzicist soda has been discontinuedCredit: Kroger

“Unfortunately, yes The Fizzicist Real Sugar Soda has been discontinued. We’ll let our leadership know you’d like us to bring it back. Thanks for reaching out,” the tweet read.

In a separate tweet, Kroger acknowledged that many shoppers are dissatisfied with the company’s decision to discontinue the soda.

“Sorry we don’t have better news. We’ll add your voice to the others who have asked for the return of our real sugar sodas. Thank you for your feedback,” the company shared.

Many fans have tweeted about their sadness over the end of their favorite drink.

“Kroger’s offbrand Dr Pepper, the Fizzicist, will always be my favorite,” one person wrote.

“Please The Fizzicist Real Sugar Soda was amazing. Please I hope you come back out with them again soon,” another fan tweeted.

Another called the news “terrible,” adding that the soda was among her weekly purchases.

But the fizzy soda isn’t the only product Kroger has recently discontinued.

Customers can no longer buy Private Selection sugar-free wholewheat sliced wide pan bread as the item is listed as “unavailable” on the Kroger website.

Shoppers are also unable to purchase a pack of eight extra-large Private Selection sugar-free wholewheat sandwich rolls.

Customers were outraged when Kroger decided to stop selling bags of Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat barbecue kettle chips.

“We are sorry to confirm that the Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat BBQ Kettle Chips is discontinued,” Kroger tweeted.

“We apologize and will share your request with our merchandise team to let them be aware you want this available again.”

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