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A LINCOLN penny has sold for over $25,000 thanks to its exceptional quality.

This applies to a wheat cent with a 1941 date.

A 1941 penny in great condition went for big bucks


A 1941 penny in great condition went for big bucks

Just last weekend at a Great Collections auction, it sold for a total of $25,312.50.

The large sale was profiled by rare coin and note-focused TikTok creator Shaun (@blueridgesilverhound).

Unlike many of the rare finds featured on the channel, this coin does not have any distinctive errors making it so valuable.

And it comes from a fairly high-mintage variety.

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“This is a very common date of this coin,” Shaun explained.

Yet, what sets the penny apart is its exquisite and extremely rare quality.


While 1941 pennies are common, with a mintage of more than 887million, those rated in high grades are not.

This piece is rated MS68RD by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

That’s just two spots away from a perfect score of MS70.

PCGS describes MS68 coins as having “only the slightest weakness in the strike, with only tiny imperfections barely visible.

And RD stands for red, which indicates the penny is so well preserved that it has retained its original tint.

Most amazingly, this is only the second MS68 1941 Lincoln cent known to exist.

“There are only two graded at this level with none finer,” said Shaun.

And there won’t be a finer one until someone discovers an MS69 or MS70 version somewhere.

If you think you have a high-quality 1941 Lincoln Wheat Cent, make sure to have it appraised by an expert grader like PCGS.


Shaun has covered other coins that are valuable mainly due to their rare quality.

These includes a 1980-D Lincoln Cent that sold for $2,083 solely because of its grade of MS67 – the highest-rated known piece with that date.

And Shaun profiled an even rarer high-quality penny: A MS68 Lincoln Wheat Cent from 1921.

That find went for $59,625.

Yet, many of Shaun’s featured coins have an error that really makes their value skyrocket.

He recently profiled a 1922 Lincoln cent that went for more than $200,000.

The reason? Despite being minted at the Denver Mint, it is missing the D mint mark.

It doesn’t hurt that the coin has a solid MS64 rating.

Check out our roundup of the most valuable pennies out there.

And see if you have a ‘mule‘ coin worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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