I’m fuming after my son, 12, was ‘put into isolation for wearing trainers to school’ but his usual ones were broken #fuming #son #put #isolation #wearing #trainers #school #usual #broken #englishheadline


A DISGUSTED mum has slammed her son’s school after she claimed they put him in isolation for wearing trainers.

Hayley Birtley hit out at Nottingham Academy, in Sneinton, after claims staff punished her 12-year-old for wearing different shoes when his school uniform ones broke.

A Nottingham mum slammed her son’s school after he was put in isolation for wearing trainers


A Nottingham mum slammed her son’s school after he was put in isolation for wearing trainersCredit: BPM

The “disgusted” 38-year-old explained Matteo has undiagnosed autism and ADHD.

This meant he refused to wear a spare pair of footwear the school offered, according to the furious mum.

Hayley told the Nottingham Post: “He’s not the easiest child to look after but he’s always gone in full school uniform.

“The sole was coming off on one of his school shoes so he had to come in trainers.”

The mum-of-five claimed she told staff that her son would be wearing the correct footwear the following day.

But, Matteo claimed teachers made him feel uncomfortable when they insisted he wear school provided shoes.

“He said they were proper pressuring him to try them on,” added Hayley.

“His anxiety is already through the roof. It’s totally unfair, he has always gone in full school uniform.

“I feel let down, it’s absolutely disgusting the way they have treated him. The trainers are black with a bit of white on them.

“I don’t get it. I think it’s wrong. To me it should be absolutely fine for one day.”

A spokesperson for Nottingham Academy, said: “We set high expectations for all pupils for what they can achieve, and ensure our behaviour, uniform and wider policies support this.

“Whilst we cannot discuss the circumstances of individual pupils, we do have a range of measures in place to assist with any uniform needs families may have, including providing uniform items on site.

“As a fully inclusive school, we also ensure reasonable adjustments are made to any policies and procedures so that we can provide the necessary support to children who have special educational needs when appropriate to do so.”

This comes after a mum in Bristol was furious after her son was sent home from school after just 15 minutes for not wearing the correct uniform.

Hayley Dainton was ordered to pick up young Oliver from Hanham Woods Academy following the mixup. 

She insisted she had ordered the correct uniform – but it hadn’t arrived yet. 

Another mum, was left fuming after her 11-year-old daughter was sent home from school for wearing PE shorts during a heatwave.

In Yorkshire, one parent claimed her daughter was forced to change into a pair of shoes which didn’t fit her after the school changed its rules.

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The 41-year-old said her daughter was also threatened with detention because the £20 black shoes she had on featured two gold clasps.

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