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THIS person was caught with a specific type of pet that make some people feel queasy, but some say that the blood-sucking creatures are misunderstood.

An unnamed man was recently stopped by officials for having a staggering number of leeches on his person.

This commonly hated blood-sucking creature is used as a pet for some but also has other benefits


This commonly hated blood-sucking creature is used as a pet for some but also has other benefitsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Many consider them “vampire” animals, and in May, this man smuggled about 5,000 in a grocery bag while flying into Toronto, Canada, per The New York Times.

He allegedly told Canadian authorities that the leeches were for “personal use,” possibly to keep pets.

Nevertheless, given the leeches’ nature to suck blood from other animals, including humans, they called expert Sebastian Kvist, a curator at the Royal Ontario Museum, to take a look.

Despite the claims for personal use by the unnamed smuggler, Dr. Kvist told officials that leeches could be dried and ground into a powder within the realm of Chinese traditional medicine.

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It’s still unclear exactly what the man’s intentions were, but he wouldn’t be the first to admire the blood-sucking creatures.

New York’s American Museum of Natural History professor and curator, Mark Siddall, told The New York Times that leeches have been very helpful to humans and are often used in surgery as a medical device.

They’re often used to drain excess blood in some situations.

Not to mention, the Food and Drug Administration approved leeches as an official medical device.

Siddall told the publication that the creatures are also “beautiful,” noting that some have “orange polka dots running down its back.”

“A lot of the marine leeches are fantastically beautiful,” Siddall added.

The professor explained that the creatures are often hated or misunderstood even despite the medical benefits that are possible.

He also claimed that the evolutionary processes that led to the leeches’ current ability to suck blood for food are fascinating.

Iron in bloodstreams can often be toxic, which means that a lot of blood in a different bloodstream can cause issues.

Leeches have adapted for this in their saliva, which caught the attention of medical professionals.

The saliva reportedly contains a complex mixture of several compounds, some of which include anticoagulants and anesthetics.

For Siddall, that just increases the value of the creature to the world, even despite the distaste from many.

Additionally, Dr. Kvist often keeps some of his own for studying, letting them drink from his own blood when he’s low on cattle blood and sausage casings that he gets from the butcher to feed the creatures.

If anyone, like the smuggler, were to keep the creatures as pets, that would be his feeding recommendation.

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Dr. Sebastian Kvist claimed that he lets leeches suck from his own blood if he is low on food for the creatures


Dr. Sebastian Kvist claimed that he lets leeches suck from his own blood if he is low on food for the creaturesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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