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A cat which was caught up in an explosion has been found alive almost one week after it went missing.

A 68-year-old man died in the suspected gas explosion which damaged several houses in Morriston, Swansea on Monday.

Three others were injured, including the missing cat’s owner Claire Griffiths-Bennett and her son.

While one of the family’s cats was rescued from the rubble soon afterwards, ragdoll Teddy’s whereabouts remained unknown.

But on Sunday, the RSPCA’s Llys Nini animal centre said: “Teddy has been caught!”

It is believed Teddy had been living in the remains of the family home.

The centre said Ms Griffiths-Bennett had been sitting next to Teddy at the time of the blast.

There were concerns he may not have survived, but on Tuesday he was spotted by Swansea Cats Protection, Llys Nini and South Wales Police.

Since then the two charities had been trying to catch the cat. But lack of access to the property made the search difficult.

A Llys Nini spokesperson said: “Claire was released from hospital on Sunday and went straight to the remains of the house to see if Teddy would respond to her whistle.

“However on arrival she was greeted with the news that Teddy had, just at that moment, been trapped.”

Teddy was described as “dusty” and “cross”, but apparently unharmed. He will now be checked by a vet.

“There were tears all round,” the spokesperson added.

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