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A business owner has hit out at Australia Post after capturing video footage of a worker’s ‘lazy’ failed delivery.

CCTV video posted by the man on Facebook on Tuesday shows the postie drive up to the automotive business in Newcastle, NSW, on his scooter before getting off and digging a large envelope from the storage box in the back.

He then strolls back to his seat and scans the package before filling out a collection card and placing the parcel back in the box. The postie can then be seen popping the card in the mailbox before riding away, with the entire attempted delivery taking one minute and 30 seconds.

“This is apparently Australia Post’s idea of attempting to deliver a registered post item. I was in my office with a client at the time, with a big ‘open’ sign in the window,” the business owner captioned the clip, which has been heavily mocked online.

The Australia Post worker taking the parcel out of his bag and writing a collection card. Source: Facebook

The Australia Post worker taking the parcel out of his bag and writing a collection card. Source: Facebook

Numerous Facebook users encouraged the man to file a complaint with AusPost, with one person claiming the incident made his “blood boil”.

“Definitely send this in as a complaint. Old mate looks like he barely has enough enthusiasm to keep his heart beating let alone deliver the mail,” they continued. “He looks quite keen and motivated!” another person sarcastically said.

Others commented that it would have been quicker for the postie to knock on the door right away than take the time to fill out the card.

“[I] know how ya feel. I got a parcel on way at moment from Tamworth to Newcastle, so far it has been to Queensland and is now in Perth lol,” someone else commiserated.

Real reason AusPost workers leave collection cards

Previously, a former delivery driver revealed to Yahoo News Australia the real reason Australia Post workers often leave collection cards instead of dropping off parcels.

While obstacles such as high fences and off-leash dogs have been credited as reasons why customers aren’t hearing knocks on their doors, the former driver claimed that was not the whole truth.

While corporate Australia Post workers are paid by the hour, contractors are instead paid per parcel meaning they want to deliver or leave as many cards as they can. The man, who worked as a contractor in Melbourne, said he was paid just $1.50 per package.

Australia Post apologises to Newcastle customer

In response to the failed delivery in Newcastle, Australia Post said the delivery driver failed to meet their high standards.

“Australia Post prides itself on the work it does every day to deliver around the country, and has strict protocols in place for items such as registered mail,” a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“Should any delivery not meet the high standards we expect from our team members, we take immediate steps to address this, and as such we’re looking carefully into the matter raised by this customer.

“Australia Post encourages members of the community to contact us directly about any delivery issues so that we can take action accordingly. In this instance, we would like to extend our sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience caused.”

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