‘Gender pay gap is barely moving’: Women likely to make ‘13.3 per cent’ less than men #Gender #pay #gap #barely #moving #Women #cent #men #englishheadline


Aware Super CEO Deanne Stewart says the “gender pay gap is barely moving” as women are likely to make ‘13.3 per cent’ less than men.

“Women being in the exact same role as their male counterparts are effectively being paid 13.3 per cent less,” she told Englishheadline Australia.

“Many girls come out of high school or out of university into lower paid jobs … they are not paid as well as many roles that men go into,” Ms Deanne said.

“By the time women we were to get to retirement they are retiring on more than 30 per cent less than their male counterparts, so that has a huge bearing on their dignity in retirement.”

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