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NATHAN Millard had been looking for drugs and a prostitute in the hours before his death from an overdose, cops have confirmed in an arrest affidavit obtained by The U.S. Sun.

Millard, a 42-year-old Georgia native, briefly spoke to a security guard at a Greyhound bus station before his disappearance.

Video surveillance captured Nathan Millard with a Greyhound bus security officer


Video surveillance captured Nathan Millard with a Greyhound bus security officerCredit: Facebook
Millard was on a business trip in Baton Rouge


Millard was on a business trip in Baton RougeCredit: Facebook
A car accident was linked to Millard's death


A car accident was linked to Millard’s deathCredit: WAFB9

Millard was on a business trip in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana, on February 22.

Millard, a father of five, spent the night at a Louisiana State University basketball game before going to a bar with a potential client.

The construction executive was kicked out of the bar for drinking too much before ending up at the Greyhound station, looking for an ATM.

Millard was eventually confronted by a bus station security guard.

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The guard said Millard told him that he was looking for “something to make him feel better” and “a girl to take back to his room.”

“The security guard offered to call him a ride, get him an Uber, to call the police for him…” Kevin Heins, captain of the Baton Rouge Police Department, said in a separate statement.

“He didn’t appear to be in distress. She just felt as though he was out of place. He declined that offer, and he left of his own accord.”

Police believe Millard died hours after interacting with the security guard, resulting from “bad drugs” given to him.

Baton Rouge Police Department spokesperson L’Jean McKneely claims that Millard overdosed on a form of heroin called “blue magic.”

“It was blue magic, but it had some form of fentanyl in it,” McKneely said.

“So, we believe the fentanyl was administered or the partaking in the drug activity.”

Millard had been missing for two weeks before his body, wrapped in plastic and a rug, was discovered by a passerby.

The person, who found his body reported, told police they happened upon Millard “by chance.”

They reportedly were alerted to the body from an “overwhelming odor.”

Suspicious phone calls

Amber Millard, Nathan’s wife, received a spate of bizarre calls following her husband’s death.

Police had previously filed warrants for phone records to identify potential suspects.

A Baton Rouge-based phone answered a call from Amber on March 15.

The number attempted to call Nathan multiple times on the night of his alleged death.

Amber alleges a female voice said “yeah” and then immediately hung up.

She then received another call from a blocked caller, also believed to be from a female voice.

The unidentified caller told Amber that Perkins and other potential assailants allegedly picked up Millard and intentionally gave him “bad drugs.”

The caller also claimed to know where Nathan’s body was hidden while he was missing.

Suspects of the crime

Police arrested the alleged drug dealer, Derrick Perkins, 45, in connection with Millard’s death on March 13.

Perkins was rebooked on new counts, as police say they collected evidence suggesting he dumped Millard’s body.

In total, he was charged with unlawful disposal of remains, obstruction of justice, simple criminal damage to property and failure to seek assistance.

Millard and Perkins were allegedly seen together in a Circle K gas station’s video surveillance shortly after 4am on Feburary 23, according to the affidavit.

Perkins and Millard allegedly ended up at a nearby house, where police believe they smoked crack cocaine.

According to WAFB, police believe Perkins attempted to revive Millard with Narcan, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

“There is some mention of possibly giving some Narcan,” McKneely said.

Police believe Millard died moments later and Perkins put his body in the trunk of a car.

The car was allegedly seen multiple times near the lot where Millard’s body was eventually found.

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Video surveillance allegedly captured Perkins using Millard’s ATM card at a local AM Mart.

WAFB also reports that Tabbetha Lee Barner, 33, and Tiffany Ann Guidry, 27, were both charged with Prostitution and Failure to Seek Assistance.

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