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OLIVIA Pratt-Korbel died during a gang war in the streets around her home sparked by a raid on a stash house, the Sun Online can reveal.

Little Olivia was shot in the chest in the doorway of her Liverpool home on Kingsheath Avenue.

Olivia died after she was shot in the chest by Thomas Cashman


Olivia died after she was shot in the chest by Thomas CashmanCredit: PA
Thomas Cashman is now facing the possibility of a whole life sentence


Thomas Cashman is now facing the possibility of a whole life sentenceCredit: PA
Joseph Nee is well known within Liverpool's underworld


Joseph Nee is well known within Liverpool’s underworldCredit: PA

Joseph Nee burst into her home as he ran for his life from Thomas Cashman – with little Olivia killed when a bullet shot by the gunman passed through her mother’s hand into Olivia’s chest.

Prosecutors did not reveal why Thomas Cashman tried to kill Joseph Nee.

But sources have said that the violence was linked to a major fall-out in the area in which Nee was involved.

The Sun has been told that the Nee was targeted by Cashman in relation to a violent raid on a stash house, when just over £1m worth of cocaine was stolen.

Professional criminals from Liverpool were involved in the raid, which targeted a stash house in the Manchester area.

The raid created its own underworld drama, with powerful criminals seeking to find out the names of the men responsible for the stash raid.

The theft also led to a major fall out between established crime groups in the region, which created tensions on the street and within the prison system.


Nee, a career criminal, had spent the night watching Liverpool play Man United with his mates on the night of August 22.

Nee was targeted in the midst of a gang war that was fought out in the streets around Olivia’s home last summer.

On July 6 a man in his 20s was found with serious injuries on Croxdale Road West. He had been shot in the legs and back.

Days later on July 14 thugs on a scrambler bike shot up a house on Ackers Hall Avenue, just behind Kingsheath Avenue.

On the evening of August 8, shots were fired from a car toward a group of men on Finch Way , around the corner from Kingsheath Avenue.

Sources have claimed that Liverpool godfathers may have ordered Nee’s death after receiving information linking him to the £1m coke raid.

Nee had a long criminal record which included convictions for burglary. Within the underworld he was known to specialise in theft of criminal property.

The police hack of an encrypted phone network known as EncroChat is said by some to have indirectly contributed to turbulence in the Huyton area.

The hack gave police access to messages sent by criminals on the EncroChat network.

Powerful criminals from the area had to flee and the police operation is said by some to have created a power vacuum on the streets of L14.

Lower level crime groups had begun to jostle with each other in the summer of 2021.

There were shootings in Knowsley Heights, Shelley Close, Huyton House Road, Woolfall Crescent and Reeds Road.

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Family homes were sprayed with gunfire although by chance nobody was hurt.

The violence resumed in the summer of 2022 which led up to Olivia’s death.


The crime scene on Kingsheath Avenue after the fatal shooting


The crime scene on Kingsheath Avenue after the fatal shootingCredit: PA

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