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Rep. George Santos brushed off federal charges of fraud and money laundering this week and told The Post he’s in “good spirts” after returning to Washington D.C.

“I am a person that is always high energy. I look at things on the bright side. I believe God has a plan and a way of doing things and I trust it. I am always in good spirits and I am focused on my mission. When you hover over the target too much it bothers people. But I feel fine,” Santos said.

The embattled congressman zipped back to the swamp hours after his arraignment on Long Island.

“I left the courthouse and came straight [to D.C.],” he said. Santos landed in the capital around 10 p.m. where he tucked into a cheese plate and some charcuterie at the Waldorf Astoria, before heading to bed.

On his first full day back in the capitol Thursday, Santos was trying to keep a busy schedule, including participating in a party-line vote on a border security bill in advance of the expiration of Title 42.

“Been meetings all day, with members of the party, fellow colleagues of mine, talking to staff in leadership,” Santos said — declining to specify with whom he spoke. “Continue to work on bills that I have in the works, continue to serve the district and constituent services.”

Santos in the Capitol.
“I left the courthouse and came straight [to D.C.],” Santos said.

Rep. Santos has faced loud calls to resign from both parties — something he says he will not do
Rep. Santos has faced loud calls to resign from both parties — something he says he will not do.

Santos has faced calls to resign from both parties for months after revelations that he had fabricated large swaths of his personal and professional record — something he admitted to The Post and apologized for in December.

The calls have increased since his indictment. Santos, however, has said he won’t quit and had called the charges against him a “witch hunt.” He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the top charges. A special election would be held for his seat should Santos be forced from Congress before the end of his term.

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