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Senator Jacqui Lambie joined thousands of Tasmanians on Saturday to protest the development of a new stadium in Hobart.

Tasmania will officially be home to the AFL’s 19th team after a joint announcement to build the $750 million Macquarie Point stadium precinct.

However, the long anticipated announcement has been slammed as a “scandalous con-job” and a waste for taxpayers facing a health and housing crisis.

People could be heard chanting various slogans while holding signs such as “team yes, Stadium No. Tell the AFL where to go!”

“We can’t eat stadiums or submarines,” others said, in reference to the $368 billion AUKUS deal.

Ms Lambie, who has been a vocal critic of the proposal for some time, addressed the thousands of people in attendance.

“Tasmanians have had a bloody gutful over your stadium and you can stick it up your bum,” she told the crowd gathered in Hobart.

Other federal politicians at the protest included Greens Senator Nick McKim and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

The Tasmanian Liberal government is contributing $375 million towards the project, the federal government has pledged $240 million, and the AFL is setting aside $15 million.

The remaining $85 million is expected to be funded through borrowings against land sale or lease for commercial uses, according to the AFL.

However not all are happy with the announcement, after two state Liberal MPs pushed Jeremy Rockliff’s government into a minority.

Bass MP Lara Alexander and Lyons MP John Tucker announced their decision to instead sit as independents on Friday.

Responding to the news on Friday afternoon, Mr Rockliff ruled out the possibility of an early election and said he was determined to govern in minority.

The state’s Labor Opposition leader Rebecca White said although she believes Tasmania deserves an AFL Team, a stadium is not necessary.

“We all know a Tassie team is richly deserved and should’ve been granted with no stadium attached,” a statement read.

“But what should’ve been a unifying moment for Tasmania has been ruined by Jeremy Rockliff’s reckless decision to write a blank cheque for a stadium we don’t need.”

Following Friday’s announcement, the Liberals now hold 11 of the 25 seats in the House of Assembly, leaving the government without enough backbenchers to perform parliamentary roles.

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