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A WOMAN has confessed she had no choice but to leave an awkward note at her neighbours after realising their shared wall was too thin. 

Known as Ali on social media, the woman initially shared that she was ready to leave a note after many sleepless nights. 

A woman was left shaking in her boots over confronting her neighbours


A woman was left shaking in her boots over confronting her neighboursCredit: Getty
She left a note at her neighbours over the noise


She left a note at her neighbours over the noiseCredit: Twitter

“Guys I think I’m finally going to leave my neighbours a note about them f***ing all day every day,” she wrote in a hilarious Twitter thread, 

“I can’t do it anymore I’m losing my mind I literally can’t enter my bedroom without hearing them f***ing, they are keeping me up at night and waking me up in the morning.” 

“It’s insane,” she added. 

She then posted a photo of the note she decided to leave with the pair alongside two bottles of Corona beers. 

In the caption, she confessed: “I was shaking in my boots creeping over there to put it on their step but it has been done”. 

The note itself started off on a very polite note as she wrote to give them a “friendly reminder” over how thin the walls are between them. 

“Congrats to you guys for your apparently very healthy sex life (seriously, good for you),” the message continued. 

“However, I would prefer not to be a part of it and I’m sure you’d prefer that as well.”

Applauding the couple on their “stamina”, she went on to inform them that their robust sex life had started interfering with her sleep. 

“So I figured it was time to say something,” she wrote. 

“Please accept these beers as a peace offering/bargaining chip – I was hoping they might be enough to persuade you to maybe move your bed to the other side of the room?” she continued. 

Ali, otherwise known as @dorianvanserra on Twitter, signed off by adding: “Sincerely, Your neighbours in 83 (Specifically the one that shares a bedroom wall with you).” 

In the comments, she shared updates on the situation as she wrote: “Update!! They did take the note and the beers at some point throughout the day today!! 

“There were no notes or anything left at my door so hopefully they took it well and maybe even moved the bed??” 

Several hours later, she returned to inform her followers: “GUYS I THINK THEY MOVED THE BED!!!! The man in question constantly clears his throat and it sounds MUCH farther away than it did previously!!! This is very good!!!”

However, just five hours later, she went back on herself, believing that the couple may have set an alarm for 6am and “started going at it”. 

“The girl dramatically fake moaned twice SO loud at exactly 6am on the dot and now the bed is currently slamming against the wall happy Saturday folks, don’t assume the best in people”.

Many couldn’t help but relate to her situation as one person wrote: “So feel your pain. I had this for nine months at university…”

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Another shared: “The same thing happened to me. They were f***ing like 3 times a day and loud af. It was hard to sleep or to study, just a nightmare. I didn’t know what to do so I complained to my landlord and she spoke to them I guess. After that, the girl just gave me dead stares and thank god.” 

While a third commented: “I absolutely understand – I had upstairs neighbours who did sunrise tantric sex every f***ing morning at 5am and I could not function. I was SIGNIFICANTLY less polite than this. Luckily they moved out after a fairly short time but I spent that time sleeping on the sofa.”

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