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ONE Brooklyn-based nanny has exposed the odd names she’s heard on her trips to the playground.

Unique monikers are less shocking than the common ones, such as “Harry.”

Brooklyn nanny Margot posted a video to list the unique children's names she's heard


Brooklyn nanny Margot posted a video to list the unique children’s names she’s heardCredit: TikTok/holygemini
Margot's heard 'Beau,' 'Sarge,' 'Daschel,' 'Otis,' and 'River.'


Margot’s heard ‘Beau,’ ‘Sarge,’ ‘Daschel,’ ‘Otis,’ and ‘River.’Credit: Getty

Margot (@holygemini) has made a mental note of all the names she’s found interesting, and some are the kids she’s been a nanny for.

She shared her favorites that are more popular than she thought in her recent video.

The young caretaker stitched a video of a mom writing down children‘s monikers she’s heard from her daughter.

“POV: Your generation felt neglected/generic and gave their kid a unique name no one can spell or pronounce,” the caption read.

I gave my daughters unique names - people say they sound like 'syllables put together'
I picked a unique name for my daughter - people insist it's satire

Margot sat in bed and thought about what she’s experienced first-hand.

She admitted she loves her job and isn’t intending to poke fun at these monikers.

“There’s ‘River’ and ‘Jasper.’ ‘Otis’ and ‘Bernadine,” Margot said.

“‘Theo,’ ‘Daschel,’ ‘Allister,’ ‘Lila,’ ‘Leila,’ and two ‘Evies.'”

Margot’s exposed to new ones every time she takes the kids to the park.

“Yesterday I heard ‘Beau’ and ‘Sarge,’ ‘Bernadetta.’ I once heard ‘Junika Rose,'” she proclaimed.

“Last year, I worked with two kids named ‘Max’ and ‘Harry,’ and everyone was like: ‘Woah, those are such cool names.'”

But Margot thought the “new normal” was giving your children odd names.

Viewers commented on their favorite name Margot listed.

One TikTok user wrote: “Bernadine goes hard, to be honest.”

“Bo is way too popular of a name right now, lol,” a follower exclaimed.

Margot responded: “My grandparents’ dog was named ‘Beau.'”

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