‘More popular’: Segway-Ninebot announces new range of scooters #popular #SegwayNinebot #announces #range #scooters #englishheadline


Segway-Ninebot has announced a new range of Electric scooters as E-Scooters are “becoming way more popular nowadays,” says Tech Guide Editor Stephen Fenech.

“These new scooters have greater safety, greater performance, greater battery life and they’re designed for all types of users,” Mr Fenech told Englishheadline Australia.

“They’ve also got self-sealing tires … if you get a puncture the tire actually heals itself, so there’s no need to get a repair.

“They’re also providing after-sale service as well … so that you’re fully supported after you purchase the scooter so you’re not going to be left stranded.

“You’re going to see a lot more of these on the roads in the years and weeks ahead.”

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