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JAKE PAUL called on bitter rival KSI to be “DISQUALIFIED” for elbowing Joe Fournier.

The biggest night in KSI’s boxing career was surrounded in controversy after knocking out Fournier in two rounds.

Jake Paul said KSI should have been disqualified against Joe Fournier


Jake Paul said KSI should have been disqualified against Joe FournierCredit: Reuters
KSI's accidental but illegal elbow


KSI’s accidental but illegal elbowCredit: DAZN

What looked to be a textbook KO at first was later revealed to have been caused by an accidental but illegal elbow.

The referee missed it and the result remained, a second-round defeat for Fournier.

KSI’s arch rival Paul, 26, was left disgusted and called for the win to be overturned.

He tweeted: “I respect boxing too much to respect what that was.

“If that was indeed a real boxing match it will be ruled a no contest or disqualification.”

A fuming Fournier, 40, agreed and told Fred Talks Fighting: “He cheated, it’s clear, you’ve all seen the replays. He hit me with a clean elbow.

“When you’re fighting the promoter on his own show – I’ve never been cheated like that.”

All seemed to go to plan for KSI in round two as a right hand had Fournier shaken and heading backwards.


It caused the millionaire nightclub tycoon-turned 9-0 fighter to fire back causing a shootout in the middle of the ring.

And in the blink of an eye, Fournier was decked to the canvas after KSI unknowingly followed through with an elbow.

Despite replays clearly showing the illegal blow, KSI insisted it was all above board when probed by DAZN.

He said: “I hit him with a massive shot and he was dazed, he was scrambling trying to hold onto me for dear life.”

Tommy Fury, who beat Paul by split-decision in their Febuary grudge match in Saudi Arabia, watched from ringside.

And he looks to be closing in on sealing the next celebrity blockbuster bout after confronting KSI.

Both appeared to ignore the fact the fight ended with Fournier being stopped by an illegal shot.

They followed the script and went face to face for the first time in the ring – and struck an agreement to fight.

KSI, 29, said: “I want this, I want to do what Jake Paul couldn’t; knock you out.”

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Fury, 24, replied: “That’s never, ever gonna happen. All I can say is, sign me up. Easy money, easy money.

“You are going to sleep in four rounds. Four rounds, asleep. gung ho, no defence, no head movement. Knocked out.”

Tommy Fury and KSI facing off


Tommy Fury and KSI facing offCredit: Getty

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