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AEW star Matt Hardy has confirmed his Twitter account was hacked after discovering a slew of offensive posts.

Following the hacking of the athlete’s account, Hardy’s close family has slammed those behind the messages, urging fans and followers to ”not engage” online.

Matt Hardy has confirmed his Twitter account was hacked


Matt Hardy has confirmed his Twitter account was hacked

Who is Matt Hardy?

Matthew Moore Hardy, 48, is a professional wrestler who was once one half of one WWE‘s most notorious duos.

He and his younger brother Jeff Hardy were 14-time world tag team champions.

The siblings were well known in the world of wrestling as the Hardy brothers and are considered one of the major teams that revived tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era.

In 2002, Matt made the decision to pursue a solo career in the sport.

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Throughout his profession, Matt has won an impressive 21 championships.

He is only one of three men to ever win the Cruiserweight Championship under the WWF header.

Away from the ring, Matt is married to wrestler and former gamer Rebecca Reyes, better known as Reby Sky.

Matt and Reby wed on October 5, 2013.

The pair share four children – three sons and one daughter.

In June 2015, the couple welcomed their first child.

In 2018, the Hardy family grew after the birth of their second son, before welcoming their third a year later in 2019.

The couple then announced they were expecting their fourth child in 2021.

That same year Reby gave birth to their daughter.

Hardy is good friends with fellow wrestlers Marty Garner, Shannon Moore, and Gregory Helms.

Was Matt Hardy’s Twitter hacked?

Hardy and his wife Reby have confirmed that the stars Twitter account was in fact hacked.

After being made aware of the situation, Reby quickly reassured fans her husband was not responsible for the posts.

Taking to Twitter to warn followers, she wrote: ”Matt’s account was hacked, do not engage, f***ing losers.”

Following his wife’s post, Matt also confirmed that he was hacked.

Commenting on the situation, Matt said: ”Just so everyone knows, my Twitter account has been hacked.

“Working on fixing it now.”

What was posted?

Fans of Hardy were left shocked when his Twitter account appeared to push racist and misogynistic views.

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Vulgar messages directed at his wife and brother went viral as a result of the hacking.

The posts have now been removed from Matt’s account.

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