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Grow for it

RISHI Sunak has worked hard to build a reputation for competence.

But in the weeks and months ahead he will need to be bolder, especially on tax cuts.

Rishi Sunak needs to be bolder on tax cuts for Brits


Rishi Sunak needs to be bolder on tax cuts for Brits

The 40 per cent levy on incomes was once solely for the highest earners.

Within five years, a fifth of all workers will pay it, among them some nurses and teachers who are far from rich.

We understand the PM’s focus on balancing the books post-Covid.

But the burden on taxpayers is dangerously high.

Same goes for businesses, after the surge in corporation tax.

There are worrying signs of job-creating firms shunning Britain over taxes and red tape.

Rishi must rapidly put that into reverse.

Labour and Remainer civil servants may aspire only to “manage decline”.

It is the Tories’ duty to maximise Brexit’s potential and turbo-charge the economy as Maggie Thatcher did.

The grumbling Tory Right must back the PM.

He in turn needs to give them reasons for optimism on tax, regulation, growth and seizing Brexit’s golden opportunities.

Rancid ruse

KEIR Starmer’s shameful plan to rip up our General Elections system and give EU migrants and children the vote says everything about Labour.

In their lust not just for power, but perpetual power, they would dilute our rights and bulldoze our democracy.

Starmer has form, given his campaign to rerun the Brexit vote.

It now seems he will stop at nothing to impose left-wing government forever and rejoin the EU.

Labour believes EU citizens and teenagers will flock to them.

But many floating voters will be repulsed by such an outrageous offence against fairness.

If citizens have no more voting power than a settled immigrant, what point does citizenship have?

Why hand EU migrants rights our expats don’t enjoy?

Why trust kids with a vote when they are not trusted to drive or see an “18” film?

It is all indefensible . . . its sole motive being to skew elections permanently.

Unlike Tories, the Left believes it has a moral right to rule for good.

That makes elections, and conservative opinions, highly inconvenient.

So Starmer aims to rig the first and neutralise the second.

Britain must NEVER let him.

Pump pirates

THE official verdict looks damning — we ARE being ripped off at the pumps by ­profiteering supermarkets.

One secretly admitted charging 5p more a litre than if it had kept margins at 2019 levels.

Rivals did too.

That is scandalous — a mugging of the motorist and a needless drag on the economy.

Jon reveals daughter Hannah reconnected with estranged mother Kate & siblings
Lori Vallow unrecognizable in new mugshot ahead of sentencing for murders

The Competition and Markets Authority must throw the book at them.

And the Government MUST set up PumpWatch to stop it happening again.

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