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ONE lawyer has taken to social media to issue a warning for anyone thinking about stealing from Walmart’s self-checkout.

It may be tempting to try to out-smart the self-checkout, but in some states like California, stores can arrest those who steal up to one year after the offense, according to Dod Law (@dodlaw).

Dod Law has amassed a following on TikTok where they share tips


Dod Law has amassed a following on TikTok where they share tipsCredit: TikTok/dodlaw
Walmart will reportedly keep track for months if you steal


Walmart will reportedly keep track for months if you stealCredit: Getty
Walmart self-checkout is monitored by cameras


Walmart self-checkout is monitored by camerasCredit: Getty

The San Diego-based Criminal Defense firm posted a video on TikTok with one of their lawyers detailing how this can happen.

He explained that even if you leave the store with the item and nothing happens, Walmart could still be building a criminal case against you.

The lawyer explained: “Even though they didn’t get you the time that you stole, the next time you go in if they recognize you they can give you a citation and you will have to go to court and answer up on petty theft charges.”

Some users are taking to the comments to express their doubt that Walmart would arrest someone after leaving the store.

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One comment read: “I doubt that seriously, it seems as they don’t care.”

Another even accused the lawyer of giving “bunk info” and claiming the police can’t arrest you for it.

Despite users’ doubts, Dod Law advised commenters not to chance it when shopping at the store.

The law firm has over 71,000 followers on TikTok where they use their platform to educate social media users on the law.

The account recently posted a video taking its followers through a Sunday jury trial prep.

Dod Law also has a video explaining how police go undercover at strip clubs.

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