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On May 1, 2023, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond asked the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay of execution for the scheduled May 18 execution of death row inmate Richard Glossip. In his petition Drummond stated that there were enough issues with Glossip’s 1998 conviction on the charge of first-degree murder to warrant a new trial. On Friday, May 5, SCOTUS granted the stay, stopping Glossip’s execution until two appeals filed by his attorneys can be considered. Glossip, 60, who has been on death row for a quarter-century, claims he was wrongfully accused and convicted of masterminding the beating death of his boss, motel owner Barry Van Treese, in January 1997. Glossip’s attorneys argue that he was set up by his coworker Justin Sneed. Sneed, who admitted to killing Van Treese, testified that Glossip hired him to carry out the murder. On May 9, 2023, a rally was held at the Oklahoma state Capitol calling for Richard Glossip to be freed from death row. Death penalty opponent and spiritual advisor to Glossip, Sister Helen Prejean addressed the crowd, as did Dr. Phil. “I believe he should be set free, personally, but he at least deserves a fair trial and has never had a fair trial,” said Dr. Phil on the day. “When a prosecutor gets a confession, they should be required to dissect that confession the same way they dissect a denial. Because a prosecutor’s job is not to get a conviction; a prosecutor’s job is to get justice.” Watch the video above to hear more from Dr. Phil’s speech, then tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, “9 Execution Dates, 3 Last Meals: Save Richard Glossip!” to hear the latest updates on this controversial case. And later, hear from Glossip’s wife, Lea Glossip. Check your local listing for airtimes. If you believe that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt should order an independent investigation into new evidence that could potentially exonerate Richard Glossip, Sign the petition to make your voice heard. For more information, follow Free Richard Glossip: Link Tree. WATCH: SCOTUS Issues Stay Of Execution For Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Richard Glossip

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