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The latest archaeological dig in Alderney has uncovered “a very large amount” of Roman pottery.

Dig Alderney is working on Longis Common where an Iron Age Cemetery lies, with a Roman settlement built over the top.

Dr Jason Monaghan, the secretary for Dig Alderney, said about 1,000 pieces of pottery had been discovered so far.

Work at the dig is due to continue until 27 May.

An archaeological dig in Alderney

Archaeologists are working in two trenches which looked promising after a survey of the area was carried out last year

Dr Monaghan said: “Ten days in we haven’t found any Roman buildings, but what we have found is a very large amount of Roman material.

“We’ve found probably a thousand pieces of Roman pottery so far, and we’ve also found some objects from the Iron Age, which obviously have kicked up into the Roman layers.”

The Lieutenant-Governor of the Bailiwick of Guernsey has also been helping with the dig.

Lt Gen Richard Cripwell said he found the different types of pottery being discovered “fascinating”.

An archaeological dig in Alderney

A large amount of Roman material has been unearthed along with some Iron Age items

He said: “There’s a difference between what’s of interest to me I suspect and the archaeologists, but we have found lots of pottery, different types of pottery, which I find fascinating.

“But what has also been very interesting to me is the way in which everything is of interest to the archaeologists, if they’re not sure they put it to one side, and then when they’ve got more time they actually try to understand what they found.”

Prior to the excavation at Longis Common, Dig Alderney carried out its first dig to understand the history of the Nunnery in 2021.

The archaeological charity found parts of the south and east walls of a large building under fortified remains and an “ornately carved stone arch” during the 2021 dig.

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