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A POPULAR streamer has announced the date of his video game face-off against a famed rapper.

Influencer and top Kick streamer Adin Ross, 22, moved the date of his NBA 2K match against rapper 21 Savage to Thursday evening.

Rapper 21 Savage postponed a $100,000 NBA 2K match against influencer Adin Ross on Wednesday


Rapper 21 Savage postponed a $100,000 NBA 2K match against influencer Adin Ross on WednesdayCredit: Getty
Ross and 21 will battle it out on Thursday instead, with the stream being hosted on the influencer's Kick channel


Ross and 21 will battle it out on Thursday instead, with the stream being hosted on the influencer’s Kick channelCredit: Getty

The highly anticipated event was originally planned for Wednesday, but 21 postponed the gaming battle at the last minute, per Dexerto.

During the early morning hours on Wednesday, Ross was streaming his NBA 2K practice session on his channel when he got a call from the rapper’s close friend.

Ross asked: “Is he still trying to play?”

The unnamed friend explained that 21 had to push it back and was “obviously” still trying to do the match, which would result in the winner earning over $100,000.

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The influencer then received a text from 21 while still on the phone.

“Let’s do it tomorrow,” the text allegedly read, and the 22-year-old streaming superstar appeared disappointed.

Ross was initially known for his NBA 2K skills, playing in the game’s MyPark section often.

His Twitch streams would often hold thousands of audience members, and many tuned in to watch him play Grand Theft Auto: Online RP as well.

Following an interaction with LeBron James, Ross took his momentum to the Just Chatting section, where he interacts with as many as 40,000 live viewers.

Not to mention, the influencer has collaborated with well-known musicians before the upcoming $100,000 match with 21 Savage.

In 2022, he invited rapper Polo G to appear on his broadcast.

He has also worked with sports superstars and other celebrities who aren’t as active in the streaming community — including Andrew Tate.

Ross caught fans’ attention last month after noting that he was scared of Tate when he took to Twitter to post a clip of himself smoking a cigar and pacing back and forth shirtless.

“I’m scared. He’s plotting his revenge. He’s like a f**king super f**king villain,” the gamer said.

“He’s big as f**k. He’s locked in.”

Despite Ross’s half-jokingly fearful reaction to the video, he and Tate are known to be friends and have spoken since the former kickboxer’s release from prison.

Either way, the $100,000 win against 21 on Thursday could go a long way for the streamer, as he recently lost $150,000 betting on boxer Ryan Garcia when he battled against Gervonta (Tank) Davis.

A body shot in the seventh round of the fight caused Garcia to drop to his knees, and Ross lost the cash, plus another $10,000 on a side bet to YouTuber Kai Cenat.

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For more related content, check out The U.S. Sun’s coverage of the Isabelle Elanore image that was used to trick Ross earlier this year.

The U.S. Sun also has the exclusive story on how Ross reacted to what many initially believed was an NSFW photo of the streamer’s sister.

Ross recently lost $150,00 betting on the Garcia-Davis boxing match


Ross recently lost $150,00 betting on the Garcia-Davis boxing matchCredit: YouTube/Adin Live

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