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Pink salmon

A pink salmon caught in the River Ness in 2021

Anglers have been asked to humanely kill an invasive species of salmon they might catch in Scottish rivers.

Pink salmon, also known as humpback salmon, originate in the Pacific and have been seen increasingly numbers in Scotland since 2017.

Scottish government directorate, Marine Scotland, said 169 were recorded in 2021 – the highest number to date.

In advice to anglers, Marine Scotland said any pink salmon caught should not be released back into a river.

It has appealed for any sightings or catches to be reported to the local fishery board and Pink Salmon in Scotland.

There are concerns the salmon could out-compete native fish species for food and habitat.

The Ness and Helmsdale in the Highlands have been among rivers where pink salmon have been found previously.

The species has a two-year lifecycle and usually appear in Scottish waters in odd numbered years.

Pink salmon first appeared in low numbers in the 1960s following their introduction to Russian rivers, from where they then spread to parts of northern Europe.

High numbers were seen in 2017 – 139 – but 20 in 2019 before the record high in 2021, according to Marine Scotland.

Marine Scotland said: “We are closely monitoring this species to gain a clearer understanding of which rivers might be affected.

“Information on the presence of pink salmon gathered in 2023, will help to inform what actions may be appropriate in future years.”

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