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ELIZABETH BEST’S dad, Alfie, is on track to be crowned the world’s first gypsy billionaire.

The self-made millionaire is known for his luxury lifestyle but it was his mobile home park company where he first hit the big time, and where his daughter Elizabeth has now found her calling.

Elizabeth Best and her dad Alfie are starring in new film Gypsy Billionaire


Elizabeth Best and her dad Alfie are starring in new film Gypsy BillionaireCredit: Vandercom Films

Who is Alfie Best’s daughter Elizabeth Best?

Elizabeth Best is the daughter of Alfie Best, and the brother of Alfie Jnr.

Alfie Snr is married to Emily Jane Bruce, though little is known about how long the pair have been together.

Bruce is said to be the one to thank for the family’s property empire, as she is thought to have encouraged her husband to buy a £1.7million mobile home park in 2001, a move that changed their lives forever.

Elizabeth and her family are the focus of the new film Gypsy Billionaire.

The documentary is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the past, Elizabeth has stayed out of the spotlight while her dad and brother have featured on Channel 4 documentary series My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune.

Alfie Jnr also appeared in ITV reality show Absolutely Ascot.

What does Elizabeth Best do?

Elizabeth is a park manager for Wlydecrest Parks – the mobile home park company that her father started from scratch and made his millions off.

Alfie’s daughter left school after year six, when she was just 11, but did later attend a design class at Chelsea and Kensington College.

Wyldecrest Parks has around 101 sites and Elizabeth manages the park in Windsor.

Is Elizabeth Best married and does she have any children?

Elizabeth married Matthew Newland in 2016.

Newland attacked Elizabeth’s father with a machete in a car park just three weeks after the wedding.

The couple stay out of the spotlight and off public social media, so it is not known if they have any children.

What has Elizabeth Best said about her dad Alfie Best?

Elizabeth has been full of praise for her dad and her childhood.

In Gypsy Billionaire she speaks about her passion for her park manager role, telling the cameras: “We grew up on a park, we grew up learning and interacting and spending time and making relationships with the residents.

“If anyone needed something they’d knock on our door and sometimes if we needed something they were always there.

“It’s a lovely environment to live in and we couldn’t have wished for a better childhood growing up on a park.”

Similarly, Alfie has talked about how “proud” he is of Elizabeth and how hard she worked to get her role at Wyldecrest Parks.

He said: “She didn’t just come in and get a board room seat, she got a job.

“That job originally started in accounts, she then went on to manage her own park, and then hopefully to be a senior manager and an area director and so on.”

He added: “She’s meticulously and slowly worked through it. And she’s worked from the ranks up.”

What is Elizabeth Best’s net worth?

Elizabeth’s personal net worth is not publicly known but her dad’s residential park homes empire, Wyldecrest Parks, made £32million in 2022.

Alfie, who could be crowned the world’s first gypsy billionaire as early as 2024, owns an enviable collection of supercars, including a a £1.6million Bugatti Veyron, a £275,000 Ferrari F8 Spider S-A, and a convertible Roller worth a quarter of a million.

He lives in a £6million mansion in Surrey, and also owns an eight-bedroom holiday villa in ­Barbados worth £5.4million.

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Speaking about his impressive wealth in January 2023, Alfie told The Sun: “This genuinely isn’t about earning any more money. I’m of the opinion that once you have made five or ten million, then you do not need any more money than that.

“That’s all the money in the world as far as I am concerned because that allows you to do everything. After that, it’s about actually building something that makes a difference.”

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