I found a ‘baby watermelon’ on a hike – it turned out to be a creepy venomous creature #baby #watermelon #hike #turned #creepy #venomous #creature #englishheadline


A COUPLE out on a hike found what they believed to be a baby watermelon – but have been shocked to discover what it actually was.

Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde noticed the creature on his wife’s shoe.

Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde noticed the creature on his wife's shoe


Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde noticed the creature on his wife’s shoeCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Cucumber spiders are not poisonous to humans


Cucumber spiders are not poisonous to humansCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The couple were hiking when Lunde looked down and found the baby watermelon-looking thing.

“We could see that it was a tiny spider, and it had started to make a web,” Lunde told The Dodo.

“We gently put it on the ground where I took the picture.” 

The creature is known as a cucumber spider, named for its fruit-like body.

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Cucumber spiders are not poisonous to humans.

They’re typically found between May and September in parts of Europe, North America, and Central Asia.

The spiders typically blend into their surroundings because of their green-colored body.

“I have seen similar spiders before, but not often,” Lunde said.

Meanwhile, a terrifying creature has been spotted in a backyard.

A man got the shock of his life when he opened his bird nesting box in Delaware to find a trapped predator, which had suffocated its prey.

The man, named Marty, was hoping to find baby bluebirds chirping happily inside the warm timber box.

Unfortunately, he was stunned to instead find a huge snake curled up – and no sign of the birds he had been feeding.

Marty posted a pic of the spooky encounter on Reddit, saying: “Opened the door to my bluebird nesting box to check on the growth of the baby birds and found this snake inside.

“All the birds were eaten.”

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