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An Olympic athlete and mum of three says she is “trying her best” after being slammed for taking her kids out for a walk in the rain.

Gemma McCaw, a New Zealand hockey player, posted an image to her Instagram stories of her taking her three children for a stroll in the rain.

Three-year-old Charlotte is seen riding a bike while Grace, 2, and 7-week-old Ella are being pushed in prams.

Gemma McCaw takes her three kids for a walk in the rain. Charlotte is seen on a bike while her other two kids are in prams.

Gemma McCaw was taking her kids out for walk on a rainy day when she was criticised by another person. Source: Instagram/Gemma McCaw

Gemma, who is married to former New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Richie McCaw, said she was “criticised” for being out in the rain – though it’s unclear if it was a verbal spray from a passerby or a message through social media.

“To the person this morning who criticised me this morning for being out in the pouring rain with my kids, please know I’m just a Mum trying to do my best by getting some fresh air on a day like this,” she wrote.

“They were all safe and warm and despite Charlotte not wanting to wear her jacket, I had it under the pram.”

She later followed up with a second post, thanking her followers for their messages of support.

“Thank you for all your beautiful kind messages – I don’t know why this comment hurt more today. Maybe it’s the sleep dep, the Gastro bug earlier this week, juggling 3 kids under 5 & getting out the door on my own (sometimes when it rains, it pours) & but a huge thank you to all those people who constantly support other Mums!” she said.

“Fresh air + rain is good for the soul and I’ll always choose to take my kids outside to be in nature C. To anyone else out there doing and giving your best, I see you, and what I’ve learnt today is don’t let anyone rain on your parade.”

Gemma McCaw cuddles her daughter

Mrs McCaw later thanked her followers for their support. Source: Instagram/Gemma McCaw

Is it ok to take your child out on a rainy day?

Yes – as long as a child is dressed appropriately for the conditions, experts believe being outside in the rain could even be beneficial to young ones.

“Colds are from viruses, so you can’t catch them from being cold,” Pediatrician Dr. Gina Posner told parenting website Romper. “Exercise actually helps with your immune system, so it is actually the opposite [if they play outside].”

Benefits of allowing kids to play outside in the wet:

  • Children are more physically active than being inside

  • New sights, smells and experiences

  • Fresh air can calm fussy babies

  • Learning new physical skills, like how not to slip or fall and how to avoid puddles

  • Can help to build their immune system

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